I’m Hilary and I’ve been selling Moshi-Moshi dolls clothes since 2007. My love of sewing started at a very early age in my mother’s sewing room where she would make clothes and give me the scraps for my dolls. I suppose I've never stopped playing and now make miniature couture outfits for Blythe and other collectible dolls. 


I started making Clara dolls three years ago and sold them locally but it’s something I love and they've proved popular so I'm going to be making more of them.


Everything is hand made by me from my garden studio in Cornwall, just 18 miles the westerly most point of the UK.  Because of the way I work, I can only list about once every other week.  I let everyone know of forthcoming listings on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.  Announcements will also be made on this site.