Hair tutorial for Clara

For some of you who have purchased a Clara Doll Kit with the wool hair, you may be wondering how to go about attaching hair. So I have put together a little pictorial guide for you which I hope will be helpful. 



    1. Measure from where you want the start of her hairline at the front to be, over the top of her head to the back where it will end. Usually about 8cm. This is how wide the hank of hair will be.
    2. Next using the wool, measure how long you want her hair by just holding it over her head, the longer her hair the more options you will have regarding styling. For example you can make plaits etc or bunches.
    3. Now just wind back and forth over your fingers to create a nice thick hank of hair.
    4. Flatten out the hank and measure so that it fits about 8cm, then put wash tape on both side to secure in place where you want to the parting to be. In the middle or slightly off centre for a side part.
    5. Using your sewing machine stitch down the middle of the wash tape and secure at both ends
    6. Carefully tear off the wash tape, on either side of the stitch line, I use a tweezers to remove all residual bits and you will be left with a pice of hair which will be much easier to manage now as you attach it to here head.
    7. Pin in place
    8. Now hand sew the hair to her head using a back stitch down the part line. I like to use a matching embroidery thread, just a few strands, as I find embroidery silks are smother against the wool. You can remove the pins as you go along.
    9. Now stitch her bunches in place at the sides of her head and style as you prefer.
    10. You can trim her bunches or put here hair into pats or by adding securing stitches create messy side buns.